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Top 5 Things to Love About Power Up and How We are Honoring WISE Symposium

The WISE Symposium was an incredibly powerful annual event that was known for motivating women and propelling careers to the next level. For 18 years, WISE Symposium delivered top notch experts speaking on engaging and inspiring topics. The event hosted speakers like Barbara Corcoran, Bobbi Brown, Being Boss, alongside many local entrepreneurs and leaders.

April 2019 was the final WISE Symposium and Power Up is proud to take the reins and create the next generation of this iconic event. We have spent the months since then developing an organization that will honor the heritage of the symposium while updating it to meet the modern needs of our community


There is a lot to look forward to as Power Up launches and prepares for our first annual event on April 23, 2020. We also have plenty of resources to keep you motivated until then!

Where To Show Up

Power Up connects our audience to events in the Syracuse area that focus on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Lifestyle, and Philanthropy. Our Where To Show Up page is designed to be a central resource for events that will give you the motivation and inspiration to live your best life.

We also share information about these events through blog posts and on our Instagram and Facebook feeds. If you have an event that you would like us to share, please send an email to connect@powerupsyr.com.


Power Up is also the central source for the resources and local organizations that will empower you to live your best life. On our Resources page, you will find information about leadership organizations, networking organizations, publications, and volunteer opportunities in the area.

We love to feature these local organizations in our blogs and social content. If you are part of an organization that you feel is a good match for our audience, we would love to hear from you! Just send us an email at connect@powerupsyr.com to get started.

Events throughout the year

We will continue the tradition with the annual full day event in April and we will also host events throughout the year. We have many exciting events in development and plan to announce them very soon so stay tuned to our social feeds!

Core Values

We have a focus on powering up your Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Lifestyle, and Philanthropy because we believe that these are the core values that shape a life that is connected with the community.

Our events, content, and social feeds are focused on these four key areas and we are always excited to connect to people who are doing exciting things in these areas. Check out our blogs to see some of the amazing local and national women we have featured. Reach out to us at connect@powerupsyr.com if you have a story to share!


In addition to additional events throughout the year, we will power up your life with content that features local and national guest bloggers, articles, information, and events that will keep us connected and growing together as a community.

We have a special focus on connecting with you on Facebook and Instagram. We will share info about the resources and events that will enrich your lives. We intend to post content that will inspire you to excel in your business, careers, health and wellness, and motivate you to give back and become more involved in community


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