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From Science to Social - What I Learned When I Made The Leap

From Science to Social - What I Learned When I Made The Leap.

By: Latisia Hall

Leap? Who me? Nah, I can’t even swim that well! Besides I don’t want to get my hair wet…

Oh you mean Leap as in starting a new job with a new company in a new industry and become an entrepreneur all in the span of 3 months? Oh, why didn’t you say so? I’ll definitely do that!

While not exact, this is very similar to the conversation that I had with myself as I was contemplating my next moves in life. I was transitioning from a long-term career with a well-known and respected company into, literally, the unknown. Even though I lined up a new role, I had no idea of what the culture would be like there, how the work would differ from what I was used to or if I would even enjoy it. Not knowing what I was walking into was scary for me. What was even scarier was the idea that I would no longer be able to have the kind of community impact that I had without the helping hand of my previous employer.

Well, being a scientist by formal training told me to analyze, analyze again and then reevaluate the analysis. I carried this over into my life decisions, and it informed how I moved ahead. While this thinking made for a very safe career progression, it did not push me forward in a way that I felt necessary at this juncture in my life.

So I did something crazy! Something different! And I just leapt! I started a business, UrbanTSyr, a social media marketing outlet to connect people through events and activities. Out of my fear of how I would continue to engage and connect with my community was born a business that would allow me to do these things on my own terms. I turned my passion into a business!

My contribution to the community would no longer run the risk of being disrupted no matter where I ended up professionally.

I learned some things in the process of leaping that I may not have ever become aware of had I not just leapt. The first thing I learned was that I needed to leap for my own peace of mind. It wasn’t as much of a choice as I wanted it to be. There was an unexplainable push, urge, propulsion to make change. If I had resisted this sensation, I would have been miserable! Sometimes we disregard our “calling” but doing so does not make it go away it just makes it harder for us to sleep at night until you act upon your destiny. I learned that leaping afforded me the peace that I was seeking.

The second thing that I learned is that there is so much freedom in letting go of the wheel. I had held onto the wheel so tight for so long, letting go became a foreign concept to me. It is ironic, though, that as I let go, I began to feel even more in control. I started to create without the hesitation that comes from not knowing the end result. I started imagining what could be without putting limitations on what I could achieve. I really gave myself the liberty to be and do what I wanted to even if I I didn’t have every detail planned out. I learned that there is freedom in letting go!

The third thing that I learned was that I am far more capable than I knew. Through all of the self-doubt in this process, I realized that I was stronger, brighter and more resourceful than I thought. I surrounded myself with family and friends that believed in me and what I was doing. They planted their hands firmly on my back and have not wavered (even when I have). I learned that I am capable and, even worthy, of success.

I did it, I leapt! I am all the better for it having learned that sometimes you just gotta, that there is freedom in letting go and that I am capable and worthy of success. These new found lessons are the things that I am now carrying over into my decisions and how I move!

UrbanTsyr is a social media marketing outlet that serves as Syracuse’s premiere source of information on events and activities happening within the Syracuse and surrounding areas.  UrbanTsyr connects the community through events that build up the urban community, grants exposure to new ideas/programs and celebrates our collective cultures.


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