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Favorite Books From Your Core Team

The PowerUp Team is comprised of a hard-working, dedicated, diverse group of women who all share a passion for reading books that power up their life. In honor of National Book Lover’s Day, we asked our team to share the books that shape their thinking and motivate them to do more good in the world.

Nicole Samolis, Tribe Leader

I'm an avid reader and love my hardcover books that help me become a savvier business woman and a more inspiring leader (they are dog eared and written in). I couldn't pick just one - so I am sharing my many favorites. The E-myth Revisited is a book that every solopreneur and start up should read annually for at least the first 5 years. Jim Collins' Good to Great, Great by Choice, and Built to Last, are powerful reads as well as the quick reads of Ken Blanchard (have your manager's read these, too). Bo Birlingham has a lot of great insights for small business and why we can out-maneuver the mighty giants. I am also continuously amazed at how children’s books can be incredibly inspiring for an entrepreneur - go back and read some of the Dr. Seuss books to spark your imagination and set yourself on an inspired, positive path.

Susie Ippolito, Creative Director

Reading is one of my favorite past times and I usually have no less than three books going at a time. The book that is rocking my world right now is The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates. This book beautifully and clearly articulates the powerful value women bring to the world and seeks to change the ways that various cultures around the world work to diminish that value. Gates backs up her passion for the subject with data that shows how educating women and allowing them access to birth control has a direct impact on the economies of struggling areas of the world. Gates collected hundreds of women’s stories with patience and presence. She does not judge them for their circumstances or simply address the problem with funding. In doing this, she is able to get to the root causes, the cultural beliefs that need to evolve and, in doing so, creates a narrative of compassion that is contagious and makes you believe that women’s empowerment will change the world.

Tatiana Spears, Social Media Queen

As a new mom, I'm always looking for ways to bring harmony to my work and personal life. One of my favorite books is Smart Mom, Rich Mom by Kimberly Palmer. This book explores how modern women are navigating financially demanding careers in the midst of their parenting years. I love the collection of stories from women who have successfully worked full-time, freelance, self-employed, and in other ways, while also raising amazing children and providing financial freedom for their families.

Jess Steele, Marketing and Content Queen

Creativity takes bravery, and often the most creative people are struck with fear when met with their next great idea. In Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear, Elizabeth Gilbert puts perfectly how it feels to have a new idea come to you, almost as if it blows by like a gust of wind, and how sometimes you only have a few short seconds to grasp it before it blows away again, on to the next person. She equates ideas to taking on a type of life form, just waiting to be made manifest. They are swirling all around us every day, and although most of the time we miss them, when they do reach us, that is when they are fully born. I think this is just the most beautiful metaphor of creativity, and resonates with any person who identifies as a creative.

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