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PowerUp Conference | 4.23.20

Power Up is about working hard to reach the next level together.


We are here to connect you with the tools you need to sharpen your skills, the resources you need to get where you want to be, and the network you need to support you along the way.


We are an organization that seeks to empower everyone and we honor power that holds.

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Power Up is a community of local leaders, trail blazers, motivators, and creatives who are committed to delivering top notch content from men and women in Central New York who have the energy and knowledge you need to light up your path.


We will challenge you to Power Up Your Entrepreneurship through workshops, networking events, and opportunities to share your voice.


We will up your Leadership game with mentorship opportunities and face time with the leaders who can show you how it’s done.


If you do not currently donate your time, talent, and treasure to an organization that speaks to your heart, we are ready to connect you with one. Because Philanthropy is what makes all of this work.


None of this can be achieved without a Lifestyle that accommodates it. The Power Up Network whole-heartedly supports self care, self-expression, embracing your life with both arms and making it work for you.

Leadership is no longer an elusive role reserved for the select few. In recent years, we have seen new and exciting leaders emerge bravely adding their voice to important conversations.


As people, we naturally band together, we lift each other up, we lead one another to courage and confidence by sharing our knowledge, experience, trials, and victories.


That’s how you lead.


If you’re not there yet, we are here to Power Up your journey. And if you are an empowering leader, then we want to know about you so we can share your talents and expertise with our audience!

Power Up is founded by female entrepreneurs. We know it takes a village and a myriad of skill sets to launch a new venture.


We are here to connect you to the resources, people, events, and knowledge you need to power up your journey.



None of this works without a lifestyle that supports your entrepreneurship, leadership, and philanthropy.


We are going to Power Up your lifestyle with articles, interviews, and workshops that will give you the tools you need to confidently rule your world and live a life you love.


Philanthropy is the heart of Power Up. It is that magical piece that keeps us all connected. When people assemble and donate our time, talent, and treasure to add more good into the world, incredible things start to happen. 


Power up is here to connect you to organizations that are changing the world and need your gifts to make it all work. 


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